World Password Day: How to Secure Your Data?

How to Secure Your Data? Here are a few things that you need to know this World Password Day to stay secure online.

By Tech Hunt

World Password Day


Passwords are becoming among the most important aspects in today’s digital world. Each and every individual is needed to have one if they want a digital footprint, then receive and send emails, use social networking platforms, to mention a few of the regular applications.

How To Secure Your Data?


A lot of people continue have very simple passwords like’123456789′ or even ‘their names’, as one recent report showed. If you’re one of these please change your password immediately as a cyber-criminal may easily get their hands on your electronic life.

And if you are not one of these and are pleased to have a password which will make every password box green and look small, we congratulate you.

However, you still might face danger from a random phishing attack.

What is a phishing attack?


A phishing attack is implemented by a individual to fraudulently acquire sensitive information such as username, password, passwords and credit card information of another person. This is carried out by impersonating a trustworthy thing in an electronic communication.

You click on the link and then enter your password, additional details, which are then stolen from the hacker, because the email was not really sent by Apple.

Phishing is among the most common scams on the internet as another person believes the email to be authentic and then gives all their information to the impersonator.

How to prevent phishing attacks?


Google has setup a fast quiz for this particular World Password Day, which you can take by following this link.

The aim of this quiz would be to check users phishing-detection skills, while at precisely the exact same time educating them on what kind of phishing attacks are occurring around the world and how they can protect themselves from becoming a prey.

The fantastic thing about this quiz is that reveals various kinds of situations, in reality it shows the kind of phishing scams which really worked and were utilized to fool authorities, think tanks.

Taking the test will show the range and depth of phishing scams which exist, and prepares an individual about what to do when dealing with such emails in the future.

It is a comprehensive evaluation and some of the phishing emails seems legitimate.


Don’t reuse your passwords. A lot of men and women use the exact same password everywhere because it’s easy to remember. But this puts all of your accounts in danger if an attacker is able to even get a password for even one.

If you feel it will be more difficult for you to remember a lot of passwords, we suggest that you use a password manager, which will make your life simple by entering your email address and passwords automatically wherever you need them.

Utilize two-factor authentication wherever possible, since it keeps online accounts safe from many attackers because another authentication is needed to get the account.

This is a result of the fact, that even if an attacker can receive his hands on your secure password, they would still demand a secret pin delivered to your smartphone to get unauthorized access to your account.

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