What’s App New Features Update on July 2019

What’s App New Features Update on July 2019!


What’s App New Features Update on July 2019. There Are Many Features You Waiting for Like Dark Mode, Quick Edit, Status Mute Etc.

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What’s App New Features Update on July 2019!

What’s App New Features Update on July 2019. There Are Many Features You Waiting for Like Dark Mode, Quick Edit, Status Mute Etc.

The experience of using it for WhatsApp consumers is going to change. There are some new features in this app. A number of these attributes are such that users have been waiting for quite a very long moment.

There are many such attributes, for example, Dark Mode, Quick Edit, Status Mute, that were required by many users for a very long time.

All these attributes are expected to be rolled out for WhatsApp shortly on consumers’ demand. A number of these features have been made available in beta versions at the moment. Let’s know about such characteristics of WhatsApp that are about to connect with your program soon.

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Quick Edit Media

WhatsApp has been working with this feature for several days. Adding this attribute will make your chatting experience impress.

With the addition of this new feature, you will be able to edit the received or sent media files from within the chat itself. This feature has just been spotted in the beta version.

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Dark Mode

This feature has been called WhatsApp’s most anticipated features. Aside from this, this feature was rolled out for YouTube too.

It’ll be made accessible for the main version shortly. Aside from this featured app, it changes its settings and chats into shadowy grey sheds.

After this feature has been added, this program will lower your smartphone’s battery consumption.

Users who use this program at night will probably be greatly helped by the inclusion of the feature. Due to this characteristic, their eyes will not be changed too much.

What's App New Features Update on July 2019

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QR Code scanner

QR Code scanner Through this feature, you’ll have the ability to easily add a contact.

For this, you just have to scan a touch via the program.

You’ll have the ability to use this attribute as a standard QR Code scanner app.

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Frequently Forwarded Labels

This new feature has been attracted especially to prevent distributing news or rumours.

After the debut of the new feature, if you send any message to more than 5 people, labelling will start.

Users will then be able to learn how many people are delivered to some message so far.

In this kind of situation, any rumour or bogus news will be prevented from going forwards again and again.

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Hyde Mute Status

Through this feature, you can remove any status feeds out of the listing of WhatsApp. Right now, you can view the FED status of any contact in your position list.

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