Textile Battery can Power Wearable Devices

Textile Battery can Power Wearable Devices


Textile Battery can Power Wearable Devices: As conventional bulky heavy lithium battery is hard for use in wearable devices.

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Textile Battery can Power Wearable Devices

Scientists have developed a thin, highly elastic textile lithium battery that may safely power wearable electronics utilized in health care monitoring, smart clothes and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The battery, which is less than 0.5 mm thick, possesses rapid charging/discharging capability and also has a very long cycle life compared to traditional lithium ion batteries.

“Global market revenues for wearable devices are forecasted to increase by leaps and bounds, of over 20 percent annually, to reach USD 100 billion by 2024,” said Zheng Zijian, who headed the research group.

“As all wearable electronics will probably call for wearable energy source, our novel technologies in fabricating Textile Lithium Battery offers promising solution to a wide array of next-generation programs, which range from health care, infotainment, sports, aerospace, style, IoT to any sensing or tracking uses that may even exceed our creativity of now,” said Zijian.

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Textile Shape Battery

The lithium battery is presently the dominant rechargeable battery in the marketplace owing to its relatively high energy density and long cycle life.

As conventional bulky heavy lithium ion battery is tough for use in wearable apparatus, over the past decade, scientists have set in efforts in developing bendable lithium ion, often by using metal foils as collectors.

To make the battery, scientists measured exceptionally conductive metal, copper (Cu) and nickel (Ni) uniformly onto pre-treated materials.

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textile battery
textile battery

It Can Power Wearable Devices

Such manufactured metallic fabrics, including low sheet resistance and large surface area, serve as current collectors in the battery. After adding active materials to act as cathode and anode, the metallic fabrics, together with separator and electrolyte, are constructed in the Textile Lithium Battery, researchers stated.

Laboratory evaluations performed by the team showed the extremely high mechanical stability, durability and safety of the Textile Lithium Battery beneath deformation.

Once the battery is repeatedly folded in half, twisted at different angles or freely crumpled, its own voltage window remained unchanged. The bending test revealed that the battery could be bent over 1,000 occasions with marginal ability degradation.

Safety tests conducted by continuous hammering, trimming with scissors and penetrating with nail demonstrated the battery can stably provide electricity output for the digital components with no risk of catching fire or burs.

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