Telegram V5.10 Update Comes with Lots More Things to Happen!

Telegram V5.10 Update Comes with Lots More Things to Happen!


Telegram V5.10 Update Comes with Animated Emoji, Silent Messages, Slow Mode for Groups & Lots More Things to Happen. Just Read the Full Article and Reviled the New Update of Telegram.

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Telegram V5.10 Update

After a few months of introducing animated stickers with smooth animations and small file sizes, Telegram has pushed now another update. The Telegram v5.10 come to a whole host of new features with it.

The Telegram company has launch features like Silent Messages, Slow Mode, Admin Titles, and lot’s more in the same update. It is now available on both Android and iOS.

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Send Silent Messages

One of the key features introduced with Telegram v5.10 is the capacity to send messages silently. To use this feature, users need to simply hold the Send button and arrange to deliver the message or media without sound and the receiver will get a notification as usual, but their smartphone won’t make a sound even if they are not on the Do Not Disturb mode too.

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Slow Mode for Groups

Another special feature that’s arising with the latest version to Telegram is Slow Mode. In this feature, if the admin takes a time interval, then users will only be fit to send one message in that time window.

A timer is near to show how long the user has to wait before sending another message. Slow Mode can be seen under the ‘Group Permissions’ section.

Telegram v5.10 Update

Admin Titles

The third most feature to be introduced with Telegram v5.10 is ‘Admin Titles.’ This feature is self-explaining. It allows group owners to set custom titles for admin.

The custom titles are shown with every message in the group so members identify that they‘re talking to the designated person.

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Animated Emoji & More

Moreover, Telegram has also updated the emoji collection with ‘animated emoji.’ Additionally, iOS users now get an option to choose accent colours for dark themes.

Other mixed updates include the addition of ‘Comments. App’ and ‘DiscussBot’, which allows users to add a comments-widget to their official site and to subscribe to comments and get notifications severally.

Till Confuse?

You just read the official list of new features in Telegram v5.10 is here.

Official Blog Link:  Telegram Blog Link

Official Download Link:  Download Apk

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