Realme XT Comes with 64mp Quad Camera in Official Leaks!

The Successor of Realme X is Launch As Realme XT. The Realme XT Comes with 64MP Quad Camera Options as Official Leak.

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Realme XT Comes with 64mp Quad Camera!


A few days ago Realme launched a mid-range segment smartphone as Realme 5 series in India.

After that, Realme says that they will want to launch a new smartphone with 64MP camera setup in India possibly September or October.

Realme XT Official Leaks!


Realme’s CMO, Xu Qi Chase has leaked the smartphone’s design in a picture in a Weibo post. The picture says the coming 64MP camera smartphone by the realme and the device will come with quad-camera features on the back and in a Silver White colour choice.

64mp Quad Camera Setup


The cameras are vertically aligned on the upper left side of the Realme XT’s back panel. The Realme brand logo also has on the lower-left side.

The back panel finished a gradient look, which looks to be showing various colours when glanced at from few angles.

One more thing to copy is that there’s no fingerprint sensor on the smartphone’s back panel, which indicates the front side comes with the in-display fingerprint sensor. That means the display comes with AMOLED panel.

As aspect of the camera, 64MP sensor, Redmi is will be launch Redmi Note 8 series smartphone very soon.

As my kind information, Redmi Note series will come as same 64MP camera.

So, now the company’s battle with each other with 64MP camera feature with very competitive pricing. Whatever else! The benefits will get the only customer or smartphone lovers. Let me Your view in the comment section.

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