Pubg Mobile: 16-Year-Old Dies of Heart Attack After Losing in Game

Pubg Mobile: 16-Year-Old Dies of Heart Attack After Losing in Game in Neemuch town of Madhya Pradesh, Report by The Times of India.

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Pubg Mobile:


The world online has burst into battle royale insanity, and with the launch of a couple of games that are enormous. One is Fortnite and the other is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or even PUBG to its friends.

We’ve talked about Fortnite individually: that game is similar to PUBG, but Epic – that the game’s developer – explains it as a cross between Minecraft and Left 4 Dead, since there’s a building element to it, which does not come into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The important thing about these tremendous titles is they are now both mobile games – therefore PUBG Mobile – and being available across other platforms.

16-Year-Old Dies of Heart Attack After Losing in Pubg Mobile Game


In yet another PUBG Mobile-related circumstance, a 16-year-old child died of a heart attack after playing the game for six hours in Neemuch town of Madhya Pradesh.

According to a report from The Times of India, the incident occurred when Furkan Quereshi, a Class XII student, and his family were visiting a relative for a wedding.

The kid’s father said that before falling on the ground, the boy was shouting and he was very agitated while playing PUBG. He also said that the child was addicted to the game.

According to the victim’s sister, Furkan suddenly began shouting”blast Karo, blast Karo (carry out the blast).” Soon, he removed his earphones and has been heard saying, “Ayan, I won’t play with you. You made me shed,” until he fell on the floor.

He was hurried to the hospital but was declared brought dead.

According to “Times of India” Report:


“He did not have a heartbeat when he was attracted in. We attempted to resuscitate him but he could not be revived. The excitement of the video game may have caused a surge in adrenaline, inducing tachycardia (increased heart rate) and cardiac arrest,” The Times of India quoted cardiologist Ashok Jain, that analyzed Furkan, as saying.

The victim’s brother stated that Furkan occasionally played for 18 hours every day.

This is not the first death related to PUBG Mobile. Before this season, a 16-year-old pupil in Hyderabad committed suicide after being scolded for enjoying PUBG Mobile for too long.

According to Kallakuri father, once the kid’s mother scolded him for playing the match, he got angry and committed suicide by hanging in his bedroom.

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