How to Prevent Your Smartphone from Overheating?

How to prevent your smartphone from overheating?

We suggest the top six tricks to keep safe your smartphone form overheating problem.

By Tech Hunt

How to prevent your smartphone from overheating?


Many times We discover a regular smartphone user complaining regarding their device getting heated.

And very common are the utilization cases of overheating- charging, enjoying games or streaming a video.

This gains a lot of ground once the smartphone industry is heading towards devices with a better battery capacity of 4000mAh, 5000mAH and more.

One of the causes behind heating might be a hardware problem as well. however, there are some preventive measures that can assist you to fix the problem.


  1. We suggest the top six tricks to keep safe your smartphone form overheating problem.

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Here are some tips to consider:


1. don’t use third-party chargers and batteries

If possible, avoid using third-party chargers to power the smartphone. This directly impacts the battery and overheats the mobile. Same is best for third-party batteries as well.

2. Avoid keeping the device on a sofa on or bed while charging

A smartphone emits heat while charging.keeping it on surfaces sort of a bed or sofa blocks the excess heat dissipation, instead, it more raises the device’s temperature. it’s best to go away the handset on hard surfaces whereas charging.

3. remove the back case cover

Again, a back case cowl traps the heat generated and will increase the mobile temperature. Removing it will avoid the heat build-up and allow the device to cool down.

4. don’t leave your smartphone for charging night long

Leaving the phone to charge night long are some things that several people do. This not only heats up the device however also impacts the battery in long-life.

5. remove apps that exhaust the processing power

There are multiple apps that keep running within the background and exhaust process abilities of the smartphone. This also results in overheating of the phone. So, it’s higher to remove such apps from the device.

6. Avoid direct contact with daylight

Long-term exposure to direct daylight will heat up the smartphone. this is the case, particularly with plastic back design phones. As per a study, the device’s touch-screen gets affected when left out in the sun for a long period. it’s best to hold the mobile in luggage, particularly in heat weather.

Does Wi-Fi Overheat Your Phone?


Android clients are helpless to apps running out of sight and drawing on assets, for example, CPU, Wi-Fi, or mobile internet. On the off chance that apps keep running along these lines, your gadget can warm up.

You can likewise stop background mobile data use. Open Settings > Apps and notices > All apps and select the app you need. Tap Data utilization to see its movement and flip the Background data change off to debilitate internet get to.

You can likewise utilize the Force Stop catch to close the app right away.

While this puts background usefulness out of administration, you can be sure that it likewise implies decreased asset use. This can keep your cell phone from overheating.

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