Poco Launcher 2.0 beta rolled out with Lot’s of Specs

Poco Launcher 2.0 Beta Rolled Out with Lot’s of Specs


Xiaomi announced recently that it is all set to roll out the new version of the Poco Launcher. The Poco Launcher 2.0 Beta Version Rolled out With Lot’s of Features & Specs.

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Poco Launcher 2.0 Beta Rolled Out

The beta version of Poco Launcher has received an important upgrade now, so far so that the MIUI development team requires it 2.0. It adds a few features and provides many upgrades. Let us take a good look.

The modifications are for the most part about polishing the design and making the experience smoother with the app drawer.

It may have a semi-transparent backdrop so that you can see your wallpaper under the white/black/grey layer.

The transparency is customizable — this way you can have your precious principal image and Dark Mode in the exact same time.

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Xiaomi has also shown the launcher’s adaptive program management choices.

You can now make your own custom groups and add and remove programs from them readily, to guarantee you don’t have to waste any time finding what you want.

Things are far more streamlined than before, and things were already pretty decent before this.

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Poco Launcher 2.0 beta
Poco Launcher 2.0 beta

Poco Launcher 2.0

Outside this, performance has been significantly enhanced, so much so that POCO Launcher has become much more responsive and fluid.

There are also numerous alterations to the port and preferences display, though some annoying bugs are fixed.

It is not clear when the stable version of the launcher will be outside since the tweet just discussed the beta version.

You’re sadly out of luck should you wish to go enrolled in the Beta Programme as it’s already full.

If more slots open in the future, nevertheless, you may avail by this page, register for the program and download Poco Launcher 2.0 in the Play Store.

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