Oneplus Launch Its Largest R&d Center in Hyderabad!

OnePlus Launch its largest R&D Center at Hyderabad. The company ensure to invest over Rs 1000 crores in the next few years in India.

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Oneplus Launch Largest R&d Center in Hyderabad


OnePlus launch its largest R&D Center at Hyderabad in India. Keep a promise to invest over Rs 1000 crores in the next few years.

This is the truth to launch third R&D office of the company after Shenzhen and Taipei.

One of the Hyderabad will finally house over 200 employees scattered across five floors over 186000 sqft.

The department will be headed by Ramagopala Reddy Palukuri as Oneplus’s vice president for R&D department in India.

The R&D department, OnePlus says, will provide to both the needs of the global market and Indian Market.

Most of the profits come from the Indian market as the premium segment leader, and reference to Vikas Agarwal, General Manager, India, OnePlus smartphone are the top position as along with Apple and Samsung.

The R&D Center also have three labs. One is a camera lab, where Oneplus wants to set up tools to both tunes the camera to the needs of Indian users and make new machine-learning applications in drawing.

For that, OnePlus wants to hire new talented Resource person for developing camera department.

OnePlus will be hunting picture quality engineers to provide bigger DxO scores.

Including that, OnePlus is hiring for computer vision maker to develop AI and grew reality-based camera option.

Another, OnePlus will be finding people with a local resource to enhance the camera experience of Oneplus device.

Alone from the picturing department or lab, OnePlus will also launch a communications and networking department where it will be connecting 5G field-testing on behalf with Qualcomm and the most telecom operator in India.

At least, here have automation labs that will work on testing smartphones to look at how they last experience over time.

Along with the Shenzhen R&D facility creating hardware and product development, the India R&D centre will mainly focus on the software part.

Now, some features as the Zen Mode (it launched with the OnePlus 7) and the smart SMS inbox options, first come out of India then rolled out another country.

Now, OnePlus told that they will be contributing to the “Digital India Mission” and wants to co-operate with the various startup in India to give multiple services.

But one more thing, OnePlus won’t just pre-load apps on its devices. Otherwise, they may be customised with OnePlus’s UX.

To initiate software development, OnePlus will be pick-up product managers to Hyderabad and find expertise from leading engineering colleges.

The company has already started a few campusing in IIT Mumbai and IIT Delhi previous year.

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