Motorola’s Razr folds in half without a crease. The secret is in the hinge design

Motorola’s Razr folds in half without a crease. The secret is in the hinge design


When I held the brand new Motorola Razr foldable phone in my hand, all I wished to do was open and shut it a thousand instances. Not as a result of I wished to check the display screen or sturdiness (like we did with the Galaxy Fold and can do once more with the Razr on Thursday), however as a result of that is what I did on a regular basis once I had the original Razr flip phone in 2005.

I toured Motorola’s headquarters in Chicago final fall, particularly a lab crammed with industrial machines used to check and construct the foldable display screen phone. On one aspect of the lab there have been handwritten measurements scribbled on a wall like markings you make to maintain monitor of a child’s progress. Next to that was a menacing machine used to drop the Motorola Razr repeatedly to check sturdiness. My guess is that the measurements have been the completely different heights Motorola dropped the phone. Also, I puzzled if I needs to be sporting security glasses.

It was early November and I used to be at Motorola to see how the hinge on its new Razr was designed, iterated and applied. As I toured the lab, I stored flicking the Razr open and closed with my thumb. The “thud” sound it made wasn’t precisely the identical as the unique, nevertheless it was nonetheless immensely satisfying. If the Razr’s folding display screen is the star of the present, then the hinge is the stage supervisor making all of it work.

This is the hinge for the Motorola Razr. It permits the display screen to open and shut with out creasing and prevents the phone from having a niche when closed.


Patrick Holland/CNET

Hiding the folding-screen bulge

Motorola wished to create a pocketable and slim foldable phone that did not have a everlasting crease down the center of the display screen. One of the most important hurdles to beat was how the show would fold. Flexible shows are manufactured from skinny plastic and restricted in how far they’ll bend earlier than breaking or creasing.

I maintain the Razr’s foldable display screen.


Patrick Holland/CNET

After years of experimentation, Motorola decided precisely how far it may bend a display screen with out leaving a crease. It’s much like folding a chunk a paper in half. If you crease all of it the best way, it’s going to trigger a wrinkle. But in the event you depart a curve within the fold as an alternative, a lot of the paper can lie flat and there will not be a crease. Plastic versatile screens have been developed to the purpose the place they’ll have a reasonably tight curve. The trade-off is incorporating the show’s curve into the chassis of the phone.

Huawei Mate X
The Huawei Mate X places the show on the surface and fills the curve of the fold with the physique.


Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Huawei solved the show curve downside by placing its display screen on the surface of the Mate X. Essentially, the pill’s physique fills the hole within the fold curve like a taco shell.

Like Motorola, Samsung put the Galaxy Fold‘s show inside, extra like a ebook. But not like the Razr, which closes completely flat, the Fold has an open area between the 2 halves. If you take a look at a aspect view of the Galaxy Fold, you may see its physique follows the fold curve of the show.

When closed, the halves of the Galaxy Fold do not sit flat and as an alternative there is a small wedge-shaped hole.


Angela Lang/CNET

Motorola took a unique method than Samsung and constructed its phone to accommodate the show’s fold curve. The result’s a hinge that is constructed on the perimeters of the display screen to permit area for the fold curve to stay when within the closed place. It’s much like a hinge design Motorola’s mum or dad firm Lenovo used for its Yoga laptops.

Motorola Razr
When the Razr is closed, the ends of the display screen sit completely flat and not using a hole.


Juan Garzon/CNET

Getting rid of the hole

The Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr have two very completely different designs. The Fold opens from a regular-size smartphone right into a small pill. The Razr folds down from a smartphone right into a pocket-friendly form. Motorola wished the Razr to sit down completely flush within the closed place and not using a hole between the folded ends of the display screen. In distinction, when the Fold is within the closed place there’s a wedge-shaped air hole.

To stop a niche, Motorola used metal plates beneath the display screen that go throughout the width of the phone. When the Razr is closed the plates slide out of the best way to make room for the show’s teardrop fold. When the phone is open, the plates push up towards the display screen to assist it lie completely flat.

When the Razr is opened, metal plates assist and stiffen the show. In the closed place, the plates slide out of the best way to make room for the teardrop show fold.



The show has a system of spring cams positioned on the sides to information and pull it fully flat. As you open and shut the Razr, the show really strikes up and down ever so barely behind the phone’s chin.

The cams are constituted of hardened metal and have a diamondlike coating for sturdiness. Think of those cams as being just like the gears on a watch. When you take a look at the phone shut up, you may see the cams shifting as you open and shut it.

As I completed my day up at Motorola, I handed again the phone. The Razr made a strong first impression on me. I’ve an appreciation for the quantity of problem-solving and engineering challenges Motorola went by way of. But till the phone will get into the palms of reviewers and clients, the sturdiness of the display screen and hinge stays unknown. For instance, the openings on the perimeters of the display screen the place you may see the hinge cams appears susceptible to mud, crumbs and different small particles. The identical concern applies to an area behind the show that may be seen when opening or closing the phone.

Motorola Razr
When the phone is being opened and closed, you may see a small area behind the show. However, opening the phone takes a fraction of a second, which ought to reduce any vulnerabilities.


Juan Garzon/CNET

Photos and movies of the Razr in the course of being opened or closed could make the area behind the show appear fairly uncovered. In actuality, opening and shutting the phone takes a fraction of a second, which minimizes the possibilities of gathering small particles behind the display screen. I stay up for testing the Razr in depth when it comes out this week.

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Originally revealed Nov. 21, 2019.

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