MIUI 11 New Features Updated, Release Date & Review

MIUI 11 New Features Updated, Release Date & Review by Tech Hunt. The most recent version of MIUI has been confirmed by Xiaomi to be placed into development earlier this month.

By Tech Hunt

MIUI 11 New Features Updated, Release Date & Review


The most recent version of MIUI has been confirmed by Xiaomi to be placed into development earlier this month. With this advice, most users of Mi and Redmi series wonder when the great upgrade of MIUI 11 will soon be available for their devices.

We all recognize that Xiaomi phones run in their own custom interface. The latest version MIUI 10 is now based on Android Oreo for almost every device, so the upcoming MIUI 11 update will probably be contingent upon the Android P  platform.

The Release of Xiaomi MIUI 11


There is still no official news on the official release date of MIUI 11 upgrade. Nonetheless, it’s expected that the smartphones will receive the upgrade in the middle of 2019.

The Features of Xiaomi MIUI 11


Features are updated on MIUI 11 Xiaomi has stated that MIUI 11 will be the”New and Specific” operating system. It’ll bring all the features that users want. Basically, the new MIUI 11 will be contingent on the Android Pie functioning system, has a lot of attributes, a new interface, and a new gesture navigation system which will bring more great new experiences.

New gesture navigation:

From the new Android Pie update, Google finally dropped the Typical three-button navigation bar in the bottom of the screen, namely the Back Button, the Home button and the Recent button along with the addition of this Navigation Navigation System on the new Gesture. MIUI 10 also has the newest Navigation Gesture System, which is an improved variant of Android Pie below the default navigation system but the underside Navigation bar stays the old style. We can assume that the new MIUI 11 will receive the new Navigation gesture program on Android Pie to replace the old-style Navigation pub.

Improved Battery Performance:

MIUI 11 will have improved battery optimization features for artificial intelligence that will help track the battery and increase the device’s battery life. It helps identify which applications are often utilized, which applications are used collectively as a mix or very infrequently used. With this advice, it intelligently limits which applications may use up your battery capacity. This may also help boost battery life.

Support Dark Mode:

This is the most unique feature on MIUI 11. We can observe some devices running on MIUI 10 happen to be equipped with Dark Mode, however, we can believe that MIUI 11 will bring Dark Mode for each device. The dark mode is very practical for your eyes and it brings a fresh look to the device.

Enable Camera 2 API available:

No need to ROOT or Flash any document to trigger Camera2 API. The newly released Redmi Note 7 includes MIUI 10 on Android Oreo platform, which has empowered the Camera2 API. It appears that using MIUI 11, the Camera2 API may be turned to have the ability to utilize Google Camera and Manual style on Redmi series phones.

Fast  Face Unlock:

Unlock any program with the assistance of Face Unlock, this feature has become the most vital attribute in MIUI 10 that may be turned on on MIUI 11. Face unlock in Redmi series machines and Mi is very fast and the user is awaiting the Face Unlock attribute to turn on in App Vault.

Face unlocking with Pin Codes, Fingerprints and Pictures will be very impressive features to help users unlock some Application very quickly and we can expect that using MIUI 11, it’ll be Added to most Redmi and Mi series.

New Refurbished Main display:

The main screen of MIUI 11 is supposed to be Refreshed with Icons, New transition effects combined with some Wallpapers, New animated wallpaper. Although, you can still change them with the assistance of the topics out there from the Theme Store. MIUI 11 will populate the primary screen with some new Shortcuts, brand new Utilities.

We watched and analyzed MIUI Camera 2.0, which helps to take fantastic photos and edit it afterwards. MIUI 11 can update MIUI Camera AI to model 3.0, which can help improve the Camera’s AI capacity and make it easier to shoot pictures in Portrait Mode and Afterwards Edit.

Digital Wellbeing (Digital Health):

Among the fantastic and special features introduced by Google in the latest Android 9 Pie ROM update. Digital Wellbeing provides you with all the data, about the time spent on your apparatus. Together with the Dashboard, you may see the time you use your phone to send messages, open displays, make calls and surf the world wide web. You could also observe the particular time you used your program and receive hints for display breaks. This feature may be available for MIUI 11 however we think it’s going to be accessible MIUI 11 because MIUI has its own Security application that provides identical details.

Promotion/Ads in the system:

Marketing on MIUI 10 has generated a lot of problems for you. This is also hinted by Xiaomi because it’s also a significant source of revenue for the company. MIUI 11 is currently unknown, but without advertisements, MIUI 11 can grow to be a very fantastic upgrade from MIUI 10.

  • Program Vault are improved and refreshed
  • Yes! It is possible to have an app drawer such as Poco Launcher
  • Improvement of RAM
  • Notch Display Support

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