Is Mi Led Smart Bulb Worth with Thousand Rupees?

Is Mi Led Smart Bulb Worth with Thousand Rupees?


Is Mi Led Smart Bulb Worth with Thousand Rupees? User Experience, In-Depth Reviews, Specifications and Price in India.

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Mi Led Smart Bulb

Xiaomi first came to Indian shores back in 2014 with a promising lineup of budget and mid-range smartphones and soon took over the market through its affordable pricing and quality products. Now, the company has slowly started expanding into the smart home and lifestyle market in India.

Its latest product – the Mi LED Smart Bulb – was launched recently via the crowdfunding route that helps the brand regulate shipments due to its super low margins. KillerFeatures got access to a unit of this inexpensive smart bulb, which retails for anywhere between Rs 999 and Rs 1,299, and we decided to take it for a spin.

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 Is Mi Led Smart Bulb Worth with Thousand Rupees?

The packaging of the Mi LED Smart Bulb is rather minimalistic. It is available in a little box using the bulb itself along with a few user manuals. That is it. Notably, this smart bulb out of Xiaomi comes with an E27 base, which is uncommon in Indian homes. Thus, be certain to have a compatible socket at home, or rather receive a B22 adaptor that costs less than Rs 100.

Setting up the Mi LED Smart Bulb is fairly easy in comparison with smart bulb hubs by Philips and the likes. Fix it in a compatible socket tightly and switch on the bulb. From the Mi Home app, select your area and log in using custom credentials or via the Facebook/Google route.

Once logged in, click the”+” tab towards top right from the app and click on Devices Nearby to allow it to look for the bulb. The first time we attempted to connect the bulb, there were definite issues. So, we needed to reset the bulb through an unusual process – switch the bulb on and off five times using a 2-second gap between every action. Unusual, but moving.

The Mi LED Smart Bulb has a wattage of 10W, brightness of 800 Lumens, also supports 16 million colours. The bulb is pretty bright, and may even be utilized in smaller rooms as the sole light source. The Mi Home may be employed to correct the brightness of the bulb, and this can be neat. You could even switch colours using the Colour mode and start a colour randomiser using the Flow style.

Mi Led Smart Bulb
Mi Led Smart Bulb

Specifications, Features & Price in India

Aside from that, there are the usual IFTTT techniques, such as Assessing the bulb on/off settings, colours, and brightness based on the time of day. You might also produce presets, but that is mostly everything you can do with one unit of the Mi LED bulb. We tried two units to see whether they could be synchronised in some way, but that was regrettably not feasible.

The Mi Home app is clean and neat for most of it. All choices are clearly displayed, and there’s really no range of confusion when operating the smart LED bulb. At that price, however, we are merely nitpicking.

Aside from the IFTTT surgeries work as advertised. You can use presets to have fun with the smart bulb and take full advantage of its attributes. You can time it to suit your daily requirements.

But being smart has its fair share of disadvantages too. Primarily, and one that is common with smart bulbs, you find yourself spending way more electricity than normal thinking about the main socket needs to stay on to get the smart features 24×7.

Overall Reviews: The Mi LED Smart Bulb is a solid smart home accessory for the purchase price. It doesn’t come with Yeelight branding but works similar to the one offered in China.

For this, Xiaomi is gradually looking to break into the ecosystem category and we encourage the brand to come up with more such cheap home gadgets to the Indian industry.

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