Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review

Today, you can also buy Xiaomi fitness trackers, power banks, headphones, USB-powered LED lights and fans, and even Mi Bluetooth speakers.

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Mi Bluetooth Speaker Review


Xiaomi is a smartphone maker first and foremost, but that has not stopped the company from researching different paths and creating a portfolio of accessories.

Today, you can also buy Xiaomi fitness trackers, electricity banks, headphones, USB-powered LED lights and fans, and even Bluetooth speakers.

This small bundle offers users all the benefits of wireless private audio at an affordable price and contains all of the ingredients of a segment disrupter.


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Design & Specifications


The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker comes in a small bundle, about the size of a typical student’s pen box. It’s also short on basic accessories – that the box includes just a pouch along with the speaker itself; not a USB charging cable.

The low price of the speaker makes this suitable to some extent, and since it uses a typical Micro-USB jack for charging, so you’ll probably already have a cable and charger lying around or are going to be able to purchase one easy and very affordable.

The speaker is compact and quite appealing. Having an entirely metal casing, the Mi Bluetooth Speaker looks great and feels solid and well-built. It’s small size and sleek profile also make it easy to handle. The front grille has an interesting dotted pattern.


It is now available in two colour options: gold and blue. Both look fantastic, but we favour the more eye-catching blue option. In 270g, it is not light by any means, however, it is not too heavy to carry around. The bottom of the speaker has two little rubber feet for grip, which also help in absorbing some reverberation.

The speaker has two 36mm drivers, with an output of 3W per channel. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connectivity also has a frequency response range of 85-20,000Hz. The pairing was quick and perfect with our apparatus.

The audio is very different depending on what audio transmission mode you use. Bluetooth tended to provide an equivalent sound from both stations while using a stereo cable split the highs and lows between the two drivers.

There’s also a microphone on board so you can use the Mi Bluetooth Speaker as a hands-free apparatus for calling. The speaker includes a 1500mAh internal battery, which pushed it for about 5-6 hours of continuous playback during our test run.


The left side of this speaker gets the aux-in socket, Micro-USB port and microphone, while the right has the capacity, quantity up/next, volume / preceding and pairing/ battery degree switches.

Performance & Durability


We analyzed the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker using Android smartphones as source devices, through both Bluetooth and a 3.5mm stereo cable. We also used it while playing games and watching videos on YouTube.

We started out with Audio Is Forever, a psy-trance monitor that picks up quickly and pushes itself along nicely. We heard a few excellent low-end driveways, using a clear, distinct and robust bass thump.

The sub-bass frequencies resonate deeply, and this continues all of the ways up to the mid-range. The strong drive also will cause the speaker to vibrate greatly, which actually made it tip over on a couple of occasions.

With Ten Tigers, we discovered that sound is clean through the frequency range, particularly in the lows and mids.


Highs are somewhat weak, particularly in the answers, but this appears to be more of an impact of these overpowering lows instead of a weakness in the high-end itself. Mids come through cleanly, and overall, it is a pleasing sound for a speaker that costs just Rs. 1,999.

Moving on to the haunting Mountains, the noise begins a bit soft, bit actually picks up and contrasts strongly as the track progresses.

The soundstage is exceptional, as a result of the two distinct drivers, which create a fair amount of width.

But this also highlighted the fact that the Mi Bluetooth Speaker does not quite have the energy required to fill a room. While the noise is lively and assaulting as such, it’s ideal just for those listening in near proximity.


You’ll come across a little more width to the sound when connecting using Bluetooth, but audio transmission using a stereo cable can provide you with improved imaging and separation.

There are no other major differences between the two, and general quality remains fairly uniform across audio modes and file types.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Solid Build
  • Good Looks
  • Hi-Bass
  • Cons
  • Reverberate
  • No Powerful
  • Weak Highs
Design & Display
Value for Money
Over All



Great Bluetooth speakers at below Rs. 5,000 are a rare find, so the Rs. 1,999 Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker stands out as one of the better affordable wireless choices. The audio is tremendously satisfying for the price tag, and you’re going to find it particularly enjoyable if you hear to bass-heavy music such as electronica and rock.

Although the drops come across too feeble, the lows and mids are capable enough to make for a decent sound.

The Mi is constructed well, looks great and is easy to use. The heavy reverberations are a small problem for stability though, but this shouldn’t bother anyone too much.


But it is important to note that this isn’t a very powerful speaker, and if you’re searching for something that can go louder to fill your listening space, you will have to up your budget.

For Rs. 1,999 however, the Mi Bluetooth Speaker provides plenty of function and form, as well as an entertaining personal sound.

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