Mark Zuckerberg responds to upset Facebook employees, pledges to build products to ‘advance racial justice’

Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg speaks on the annual Munich Security Conference on February 15, 2020.

Kuhlmann | Munich Security Conference

Mark Zuckerberg on Friday responded to Facebook workers who had been upset over the corporate’s choice to not reasonable or take down a controversial put up by which President Donald Trump mentioned “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

In his memo, Zuckerberg promised the corporate would assessment a lot of its current insurance policies, together with how the corporate treats content material coping with the usage of police or state power and the way the corporate treats content material in nations the place there’s civil unrest or violent conflicts.

“Given the sensitive history in the US, this deserves special consideration,” the Facebook CEO wrote. 

Facebook may even assessment how else the corporate can reasonable content material. Currently, Facebook can both go away content material up or take it down, Zuckerberg mentioned. But he cautioned that adopting “in-between” approaches — like warning customers about content material whereas nonetheless leaving it up — may result in a slippery slope the place workers weigh in on content material they personally don’t love.

“In general, I worry that this approach has a risk of leading us to editorialize on content we don’t like even if it doesn’t violate our policies, so I think we need to proceed very carefully,” he mentioned. 

Additionally, Zuckerberg mentioned Facebook will work on merchandise that can advance racial justice, and assigned the duty to government Fidji Simo, who’s accountable for the core Facebook app.

He additionally pledged to construct a so-called voter hub to offer customers with “access to accurate and authoritative information about voting, as well as building tools to encourage people to register to vote and help them encourage their friends and communities to vote as well.”

Zuckerberg additionally used his put up to say that he stood with Facebook’s black neighborhood.

“I stand with you,” Zuckerberg wrote. “Your lives matter. Black lives matter.”

This assertion is available in distinction to Zuckerberg’s statements to workers at an organization digital all-hands assembly the place he mentioned he didn’t assume it took “any particular courage to say those things, like, when there’s a huge crisis,” in accordance with a transcript obtained by Recode

The memo comes after a whole lot of Facebook workers participated in a digital walkout in criticism of the corporate’s choice to not reasonable or take down Trump’s put up. At least two workers resigned over the problem, and not less than two Facebook companions publicly criticized the choice.

Zuckerberg’s choice to not reasonable the put up was in distinction to rival Twitter, which positioned a label warning customers in regards to the president’s violent rhetoric, which they must dismiss earlier than they will view the tweet. Twitter can also be stopping customers from liking or retweeting the tweet.

Facebook workers who protested the choice argued that the put up from Trump violates Facebook’s neighborhood requirements, which prohibit language that incites severe violence.

Trump has denied that he was meaning to incite violence.

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