Kaios Shipments Reach 100 Million in 100 Countries

Kaios Shipments Reach 100 Million in 100 Countries, Company Raises $50 Million to Strengthen Smart Feature Phone Segment.

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Kaios Shipments Reach 100 Million in 100 Countries


KaiOS, the operating system that powers smart attribute phones like Jio Phone in India and Orange Sanza in Africa, today runs on 100 million devices across 100 nations. Previously, Google had invested $22 million in KaiOS and collaborated to make some Google apps and other features on the platform.

In a press statement, KaiOS announced that smart feature phones running the OS are now shipping to 100 nations across the world.

Together with all the $50 million infusions, KaiOS intends to expand to new markets, and purchase commodity portfolio development and research. The manufacturers of KaiOS also wish to strengthen their developer community to provide far better experiences to smart attribute phone users.

Kaios Shipments Reach 100 Million


“Our duty is to open up new chances for individuals, organizations, and society by bringing mobile connectivity to the billions of people without internet in emerging markets, as well as providing those in established markets with an alternative to smartphones,” said Sebastien Codeville, CEO of KaiOS Technologies.

“We achieve it by collaborating closely with our business partners, enabling them to transform their business models with intriguing new products and offerings, particularly for first-time internet users.

Kaios Shipments Reach 100 Countries


This Series B round allows us to accelerate the efforts and increase the impact we can make in societies across the world, one phone at a time,” he added.

The company’s press announcement also highlighted a current Counterpoint report that projects the wise feature phones market is a 28 billion dollar opportunity in the next three decades.

“KaiOS is currently the third mobile OS globally and one of the most impactful tech startups on the planet. It has the capability to transform the lives of billions of individuals by providing them access to the internet for the very first time,” said Denis Barrier, Co-Founder and CEO of Cathay Innovation.

The company intends to convert the 1.5 billion + feature phone users to clever attribute phone users.

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