Jio Speed Test Report from Open Signal

Jio Speed Test Report from Open Signal


Jio Speed Test Report form Open Signal, Kotak & Ookla. Airtel’s average speeds show improvement, Jio’s speeds show consistency report by Kotak.

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Jio Speed Test Report

“We are impressed with the consistent, slow as it could be, advancement for Bharti. Vodafone Idea’s spectrum consolidation is to reflect in improved network functionality, even in some of their focus markets,” the report mentioned.

Kotak later tracking and analyzing network performance tests such as TRAI IDTs, TRAI MySpeed app Ookla, OpenSignal and Tutela, implied the community expertise will overtake pricing as the chief driver of incremental LTE subscribers and use share.

TRAI‘s drive tests in 69 cities and cities, covering a population of around 150 mn imply that AirtelNSE 2.74% contributes to download speeds using an average download speed of 8.3 Mbps.

Airtel is followed by Reliance Jio with the normal download speed of 8.3 Mbps. Airtel is followed by Reliance Jio using the normal download speed of 6.2 Mbps and Vodafone and Idea with typical speeds of 6 rebounds and 5.3 Mbps respectively.

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  • Jio Speed Test Report
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Jio Speed Test

On upload speeds, Vodafone leads with an average of 5.9 Mbps, followed by Idea with an average of 5.2 Mbps, Airtel with 3.7 5.2, as well as Reliance Jio with 3.1 Mbps, according to TRAI’s tests.

The dichotomy in download and upload speed rankings is perhaps due to reduced TDD spectrum deployed by Vodafone and Idea in comparison to Airtel and Jio, Kotak mentioned.

TDD spectrum offers skewed upload and download speeds (in favour of download speeds) as compared to FDD spectrum.

TRAI IDD tests have now been commissioned double, spaced out by a year or so as many as 11 cities, where Airtel’s download speeds have improved in as many as nine; improvement is substance in the range of 1-10 Mbps.

Jio, on the other hand, has seen speeds deteriorate in eight cities and improve in three. Vodafone and Idea have seen speeds improve modestly in four and six inches, respectively while deteriorating quite sharply in different niches, Kotak examined.

The report also said analyzing a brand new crowdsourced network speed tracker — Tutela which showed results similar to Ookla and OpenSignal.

Jio Speed Test Report
Jio Speed Test

Compare with Others

Tutela’s Feb 2019 update pegged Airtel since the download speed pioneer with an average speed of 8.6 Mbps with Jio, Vodafone and Idea at a tight group of 6.2-6.4 Mbps. The report put Airtel’s LTE availability at 84 percent, Vodafone’s at 74% and Idea’s at 69%.

Tutela’s results showed improvement for Airtel when compared with OpenSignal‘s October 2018 upgrade.

Ookla‘s report on second-half of 2018 revealed Airtel’s average pan-India download speed transfer up to 10.34 Mbps from 10.15 Mbps in the first half. Jio’s speeds rose to 7.11 Mbps from 6.95 Mbps, Vodafone saw a decline to 8.19 Mbps from 8.31 Mbps, also Idea reported a sharp dip to 6.2 Mbps from 6.66 Mbps.

But, according to TRAI’s MySpeed app, Feb 2019, typical LTE download speed of Jio stood at 20.8 Mbps which is just two to three times greater than speeds for Airtel (9.6 Mbps), Vodafone (6.7 Mbps) and Idea (6.3 Mbps).

OpenSignal Speed Test Report

opensignal speed test report
opensignal speed test report

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