India's 4G download speed is much more faster at night: Report

At night around 4 AM, the download speed is much faster with users witnessing 16.8 Mbps, which is very high when compared to the daily average of 6.5 Mbps.

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India’s 4G Download Speed


4G transfer speed in India is reportedly a lot of quicker in the dead of night than throughout the day. As per a 4G transfer speed check done by Open Signal across twenty of India’s largest cities, users encounter varied speeds counting on town they board.

As an example, the check discovered that Navi Mumbai offered eight.1 Mbps in average LTE transfer speed and Allahabad, on the opposite hand, scored a median of 4.0 Mbps, securing the last position.

Furthermore, the report declared that “all cities show a standardized trend in our knowledge, particularly that users expertise wide totally different speeds across the hours of the day.”

Once your network is engorged, the typical LTE transfer speed falls by 2.8 Mbps in comparison to the daily average. If the network isn’t overcrowded, then the speed picks up the pace by ten.3 Mbps, with the cities striking the speed of on top of fourteen Mbps.

Speed Hike on Night


The report any explained that “smartphone users will expertise 4G transfer speeds 3 to seven times quicker by connecting to the network at a unique time – with Hyderabad having the foremost consistent speeds and Allahabad the best variance.”

OpenSignal additionally claims that in the dead of night around four AM, the transfer speed is far quicker with users witnessing 16.8 Mbps, that is extremely high in comparison to the daily average of 6.5 Mbps. Since the folks area unit active around ten PM, they witness slowest speeds because the congestion rate is high.

4g Speed Hike on Night say Report


The cited supply explained that “all the cities show an analogous trend with transfer speeds tending to decrease over the course of the day, reaching the slowest speed within the late evening at ten PM, once presumptively most smartphone users area unit connected to the network accessing diversion services like mobile video.

Then, speeds improve sharply to Associate in Nursing early morning peak at four AM – once most of the people area unit asleep – and eventually begin falling once more as people awaken and use their phones.”

To be specific, once a mobile network is overcrowded, users witness 4G transfer speed starting from a pair of 5.5 Mbps 5.6 Mbps and once the network is less-congested, users get a far higher speed starting from 9.9 Mbps to 19.7 Mbps.

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