How to Use “My Jio App”?

How to Use “My Jio App”?


How to Use “My Jio App”? How to Recharge form My Jio app? How to Download My Jio App? What is Jio 4G Voice App? Jio GigaFiber Update!

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Introduction: My Jio App

Hi, friends, everyone gets to see jio sim today. Because in the jio sim, the offers and plan we get are not available in any other company. But most people who use jio sim cannot use these offers because all the offers of Reliance jio are activated through the “MY Jio app”. And if you do not use my jio app then you can not enjoy these offers. Which are found very cheap and free?

What is Jio Sim?

Believe it if you use Jio Sim but do not use my jio app yet, then knowingly you miss a lot of jio offers. You can imagine this fact that recently jio prime membership has been freed from Reliance Jio for a year. For which for one year you had given 99 rupees extra, now for one year you can now use my jio app and extend it to the next year i.e. 2019.

Benefit of  Jio Sim

Not only that, if you recharge your number through my jio app, then you have to pay less than Rs. 50 for that recharge. That is, if you do 150 rupees by using my jio app then you get 50 rupees and you only get Rs 100.

Jio Sim Plans & Offers

In this way you can save your 50 rupees every time you recharge by jio sim in your own jio app. For this, you get vouchers which you can use only through my jio app. You can recharge your number as often as you have vouchers.

Free 10 GB Data With My Jio App

Do you know that in my jio app, you also get 10 GB of free data? This comes in handy when your daily internet data is used, you also have to activate through my jio app.

By now you may have understood how many benefits of the MY Jio app are. And if you do not use my jio app then you are missing so much and all the offers offered by the reliance jio to the feature will have to be activated by you.

So if you use a jio sim, then you should use my jio app. In today’s post we will tell you how you can use my jio app after reading this post there will not be anything in my jio app If you do not know, then let’s review my jio app.

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  • How to Use “My Jio App”?
  • How to Recharge form My Jio app?
  • How to Download My Jio App?
  • What is Jio 4G Voice App?
  • Jio GigaFiber Update!

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How to Use “My Jio App”?


First make “my jio app install” from google play store and then open it


As soon as you open it, you see options like my account, my bill, my vouchers and jio care on the home page.


If you want to know which plan you took for yourself and now which plan is activated on your number and when it will end, all such information will be available after clicking on the view plan below in my account.


With View plan that gives you the option of check usage, after clicking on it you get all the information about your data.

Step- 5

Now under my account, you get the option of my bill, where you get details of view & pay, add on packs, payment history and recharge other numbers.


Below my bill, you get the option of my vouchers from where you can find out how many vouchers you have and also can redeem them from it.


Below this, you are given a jio care option. If you have some problem, then you get the solution by clicking on the FAQs and if you do not get it then you can know by clicking on call now.

My Jio App images_01
My Jio App

What is Jio 4G Voice App?

Reliance Jio runs fully on 4G so unless you have a compatible phone, you’re not going to have the ability to use the system. If your phone does not encourage 4G (for information ) and VoLTE (for calls), you will not likely to have the ability to use Jio.

The best way to make calls using Jio4GVoice program?

Follow the following steps:

  • Tap on a touch. Now, just put your phone to your ear to start the call.
  • If you’re calling the other Jio user, you can also”prepare” the phone.
  • You Icon at the middle to send your location, or the pressing call icon on the Directly to indicate the call as urgent, with a short message.
  • You can tap the movie icon on the bottom left to place a video phone.
    Or you can tap the phone icon at the bottom right to put a voice call.


How to Use "My Jio App"?

How to Recharge form My Jio App?

If you want to get a cashback of Rs.50 on every recharge, you have to recharge it through my jio app. A lot of people do not have to recharge by my jio app so now we are going to tell you step by step how to recharge from my jio app.

♦ Firstly you have to click on my plans. Where you can see all the jio offers and jio plans.

♦ Now click on the plan you want to recharge.

♦ As soon as you click, a new page opens up to you where you are given many options for payment.

♦ Now enter your details in the payment option you choose, as we select it if you want to use ATM and debit card to recharge. Because it is easily found by everyone. That’s why we are using it.

♦ Next, enter the account number written above your ATM and debit card and enter the date/month/ years of how long it is valid as well as the code of three numbers behind it.

♦ Now there will be an OTP on your mobile number which you have to enter.

After that click on Process will be refunded by your jio app, in which you have to pay less than Rs. 50.

Recharge Step : 01
Recharge Step : 02

My Opinion about “My Jio App” & Offers

Friends, it was a simple process for my jio app use and by now you can think of yourself that when you save 50 rupees on each of your recharge, then why to do so by using my jio app. If you have a problem or if some kind of question comes to your mind, then we will comment you will get the answer.

Special Note: Jio GigaFiber Launch very Soon, for more details about Reliance Jio GigaFiber just follow our previous article link : Answers to Your All Questions About Jio GigaFiber.

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