How to Type [₹] Rupee Symbol in Word, Excel and other Apps?

How to Type [₹] Rupee Symbol in Word, Excel and other Apps? Just Follow Step By Step Guide as Provide by Tech Hunt.

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How to Type [₹] Rupee Symbol in Word, Excel and other Apps?


Rupee symbol “₹” is being used on print media and the internet (web pages). Rupee symbol ” ₹ ” was replaced with “Rs” “Re” “Rupee” before the Indian rupee symbol was not launched by the Indian government.

Even today there are many people who can not afford rupee symbol type on computer and where ” ₹ ” is needed, they work from Rs, Rs, Re, because we can get it from the default keyboard using the US dollar (currency) Just like “$”, can not type in shift + 4 .

But typing rupee symbol is not a difficult task. I am telling you how to type from the best method so that you can type rupee symbol on MS Word, MS Excel or any application/editor.


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How to type rupee symbol in MS Word and Excel?


To type the Rupee symbol in ms word, ms excel or any other application/editor, press Ctrl + Alt + 4 ya left Ctrl + Alt + $ left from your keyboard. You can also type right alt + 4. If pressing these key combinations, if rupee symbol becomes, it means that your PC / Laptop “” is pre-activated to type rupee sign. When you have to type rupee symbol, you can type by using these key combination.

Special Note: You can just type “₹” rupee symbol on Unicode supported software application by using this key combo. Because it inputs the rupee symbol of Unicode font. Unicode support software applications, ie “page maker” will not work on this.

If pressing these keys is not being rupee symbol type, it means that your PC / laptop is configured on the keyboard layout “English (US)” or any other language. You have to configure it on the “English” keyboard.

How to Set Keyboard Layout to English (India)?


To set the English (India) keyboard layout right click on the Start menu and click on the control panel.

open-control-panel Option
open-control-panel Option
Click on Language in the Control Panel.
Clicking on the language will show whatever keyboard layout is active on your PC. Click on options of language.
Click on “Add an input method” as shown in the screenshot.
The list of any keyboard layout available on your computer will show, you can click on “English (India)” and then click on the Add button.

English (India) Keyboard After adding, remove the previous keyboard which does not have any problem in typing rupee symbol. One thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to remove the “English” keyboard.


Save the language options after removing the remaining keyboards except English (India).


After saving, restart your PC / Laptop, after restart, type the rupee symbol where you want to type.

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