How to Check for LPG Subsidy Enrollment Status Online

Indane Gas Subsidy Status. For customers who purchase Indane gas, finding out their enrollment status is quite simple.Can find out status at

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How to Check for LPG Subsidy Enrollment Status Online


DBTL or Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG was released by M Veerappa Moily who was the then Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas so as to facilitate easy transfer of subsidies directly into the beneficiary’s account. This can be an offshoot of the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme.

DBTL, also referred to as Pratyaksh Hanstantrit Labh (PAHAL) scheme will ensure that the subsidy for all LPG cylinders will be provided directly to the Aadhaar linked bank account of the client. These customers will also obtain an improvement on their account as soon as they book the first subsidized gas tube. These subsidies are offered for twelve cylinders each year.

Certain altered schemes also allow clients without Aadhaar cards to obtain this subsidy. But, as shown by a recent government ruling, those families having an income of over Rs. 10 lakhs annually will not be eligible to get gas subsidies.

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  • How do I link my bank account to LPG?

Government increases subsidy costs for LPG by 60%


The authorities have increased subsidy number for LPG used for cooking gas by 60% in the last two weeks to stay in line with the increasing global LPG prices. Under the scheme introduced by the government, 12 subsidised cylinders of 14.2 kg each are distributed to every household.

This is carried out by shifting the subsidy amount directly in the bank account of the beneficiary of the strategy. This subsidiary sum that’s transferred by the authorities right in the bank accounts was increased by 60 percent to Rs.257.74 per cylinder. The subsidy for LPG was Rs.159.29 per cylinder in May and Rs.204.95 in June.


The tax to be paid along with the cost of the LPG will remain same for both subsidised and non-subsidised LPG. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) to be paid will always be calculated based on the international market cost of LPG.

How to get LPG Subsidy?


Lately, the central government has initiated the centre of transferring the subsidy amount directly to the bank account of the beneficiary of the PAHAL DBTL scheme.

There are two distinct ways in which the subsidy amount is transferred to the bank account of the beneficiary. When a beneficiary receives the subsidy amount from the authorities directly into the bank account, it’s known as Money Transfer Compliment (CTC).

The two Distinct ways in which a beneficiary can receive the subsidy amount from the government are as follows:


Via the Aadhar card.
The Non-Aadhar card.

The way to Acquire the LPG Subsidy amount via the Aadhar Card?


Any beneficiary of this PAHAL DBTL scheme who has an Aadhaar card that is linked to the bank accounts can avail it via entering the Aadhar card number. The Aadhar card amount should also be linked to the LPG consumer number.

Ways to acquire the LPG Subsidy figure if the user does not have the Aadhar Card?


When the consumer does not have the Aadhar card, they are able to directly provide the bank account number to the LPG distributor so that the subsidy amount can directly be transferred to his or her bank account. This centre of providing a subsidy to customers who do not have Aadhar card is completed so that none of the customers misses out on the advantages of the scheme.

Both Distinct details Which Can Be given by consumers who do not have an Aadhaar card are:


Bank account details like the title of the account holder, bank account number along with the IFSC code of this bank division.

LPG customer information that’s a 17 digit LPG consumer ID.

Bharat Gas Subsidy Status:


  • If clients secure Bharat Gas, then in order to check their enrollment status, they might have to see the official site of Bharat Gas.
  • They will then have to click on the tab titled’ My LPG’ and then click on the check PAHAL status’ tab.
  • They will then need to supply details of the Aadhaar card amount, 17 digit LPG ID and mobile number.
  • They can also pick another option if they don’t have an Aadhaar amount wherein they will need to supply details regarding their state, district, supplier and consumer number.
  • Once they click the’move’ button, their standing will be supplied.

HP Gas Subsidy Status:


  • If customers procure HP Gas afterwards so as to check their standing, they might have to see the official HP gas site.
    They will then need to click on the link that says check PAHAL standing’.
  • Clients can find out their standing through two options.
  • In the first one, they might need to provide the name of the distributor, user number or Aadhaar number or their LPG ID and click on proceed.
  • In the second option, they will to supply details regarding their condition, district, supplier and consumer number and click on proceed post that the status will be displayed.

Indane Gas Subsidy Status:


  • For clients who purchase Indane gas, finding out their registration status is quite simple. They might need to visit the Indane site and click on the link that says check PAHAL status’.
  • Customers can find out their standing through two options.
  • From the first one, they might have to present the title of the provider, LPG ID or Aadhaar amount or their consumer number and click proceed.
  • From the second choice, they will to provide details regarding their district, state, distributor and customer number and click proceed post which the status will be shown.
  • The DBTL/PAHAL subsidy has grown into one of the biggest in the world and gives a subsidy to a huge number of Indian citizens. The above methods may be used to check for the DBTL enrollment status online.
  • Occasionally, when you have any doubt or question about the LPG subsidy scheme, you are able to call upon the DBTL Helpline amount I.e 18003001947. A common call centre was set up by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

What To Do If You Don’t Receive the LPG Subsidy from the Bank Account?


Several users of Bharat Gas, Indane and HP Gas have this query. The DBTL PAHAL makes certain that the LPG clients get the subsidy credited directly to their own bank account. In case You’ve applied successfully to the LPG subsidy but have not received it in your account, the following could be the Probable reasons for this:

Cylinder delivered but the subsidy was not received — It takes two to three days for the subsidy to get credited to your account after the cylinder is delivered to your house. It is advised to extend the waiting period for 2 more days and then check the accounts.

The trade failed — It could happen that the transaction was initiated but it failed so the payment didn’t get credited. You have to visit the bank branch with your Aadhaar number to get a solution for this circumstance.

Subsidy transferred but the bank did not receive it — In this instance, you must contact your lender’s branch.

Cylinder reserved but the subsidy progress not received — Generally, it takes 2 to 3 days to the subsidy advance to receive credited. But, it’s highly advisable for you to wait for a span of 4 times.

Changing  Bank Account  For LPG Subsidy – Online


Our relationship with Banks may spoil over the period in different reasons and might possess thought to move some of the services or finish closing and opening a brand new relationship with a different bank.

In case you have a second thought to change your own LPG’s DBTL (PAHAL) facility from one bank with another lender, you can change PAHAL into the new bank using online procedure. An easy online facility provided by banks combined with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI).

I have an earlier article explaining How To Change Bank Account For Receiving LPG Subsidy Amount Linking Aadhaar. It uses the direct/off-line method where you need to pay a visit to your new lender and use for the same.


Here you can find the very clear and easy online process for changing from another bank accounts to SBI, found almost all bank has the exact same process now.

It is basically a two-part procedure where the first part is that the registration of Aadhaar and linking it to a Bank account.


The next part is to connect your LPG ID with your Bank account number. If you already have connected your Aadhaar amount, then you can skip the first component and start the second component for connecting LPG ID.

  • SECOND PART – Login your net-banking with User ID and Password.

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