How to activate Jio Sim Card Step by Step Method

How to activate Jio Sim Card Step by Step Method, 100% Working Process, 15 Mins Activation Method Added Just Follow The Article…

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What is Jio?


Jio is not merely a telecom community, it is an entire ecosystem that enables Indians to live the digital life to the fullest. This ecosystem consists of powerful broadband networks, useful applications, best-in-class providers and smart devices distributed to every doorstep in India.

Jio’s media offerings include the most extensive libraries and programs of live and recorded music, sports, live and catch up television, videos and events. Jio is thereby creating connected intellect for 6 billion worldwide minds to unleash the energy of a young country. We are all set to change how people work, play, live and learn.

Reliance is a global corporation with its heritage rooted in India. A huge majority of our workers come from Profession surroundings that are lively and incredibly diverse. This cultural background encourages unique behaviour patterns among employees at work.


  • What is Jio?
  • How to Activate Jio Sim Card?
  • Steps to Activate Jio Sim Card?
  • How to Activate Jio Sim as VoLTE/LTE?
  • Jio Customer Care No.

How to activate Jio Sim Card?


How to Activate Jio Sim Card Step by Step System, 100% Running Procedure, 15 Mins Activation Method Added: So did you have the dependence sim out of Jio stores or and don’t know how to activate Jio Sim, or did you got the jio sim utilizing our barcode method at no cost and still it hasn’t activated yet?

So here is the step by step procedure I’m giving on how to activate Jio Sim. In the process, if you don’t know Jio sim was enabled in over 10 mobile brands around over 500 devices. You may click on this link to check whether your phone is qualified or not.

So many individuals already activated their jio sim but they don’t understand what is the most important problem because they aren’t getting a sign on their jio sim. I have so many requests to provide the feasible solution to that problem, so I created you perfect article on how to get Jio Signal in almost any mobile with 4 possible techniques you may check this informative article from this link.

In this article I am giving all probable answers about how to trigger jio sim, if you would like to buy the jio sim just don’t buy If your phone isn’t on the above-mentioned list but you still need that mobile, then don’t worry we’re in flipshope made a wonderful trick to get the free jio sim in almost any mobile.

You can check the above articles to utilize the jio sim anywhere, but people are still trying hard to activate the Jio Sim.

How to Activate Jio Sim?


Once the billing process is done online, then you are going to get a receipt on your previous mail soon after. SMS receipts are also been sent.

Steps to Activate Jio Sim:


  1. Once you got the jio sim, all you need to maintain is Aadhar card & 2 passport size photos.
  2. You need to give legitimate email if at the time of Jio purchase because all of the details will be sent to that amount.
  3. The activation process is totally online, you can see jio store only for confirmation.
  4. Follow the actions provided in this email for dependence jio sim activation procedure.
  5. Receipt of an invoice will be mailed to your address and you will also get the SMS in your registered phone.
  • That is it everything is completed now you just need to confirm ownership
    Now call on 1977 (toll-free) Reliance Jio customer number. Customer care employees may ask you about the specifics from the receipt, so keep that receipt in front of you before making a call to dependence jio customer number. You also need to submit 4 digits of Adhar card for dependence jio sim activation procedure.


  • If you are unable to call 1977, just read this article. I’ve given complete answers for many reliance jio sim activation problems.

How to Activate Jio Sim VoLTE?


VoLTE supported devices have a chance to empower both unlimited internet and unlimited voice calls follow these steps to enable any choice or to enable both choices.

Process to Activate Jio Sim:


  1. If you want to enable data and voice then call 1977 from your SIM to initiate the procedure.
  2. In case you need just data services telephone 1800-890-1977
    From the voice telephone, it’ll be asked to key in your Reliance Jio amount, which is accessible in the SIM pack.
  3. That’s you just activated your jio sim.

After you triggered jio sim you need to enable VoLTE support to get unlimited calls, here you can get the complete process about how to enable VoLTE support for unlimited HD voice calls.

In the process, if you want to check whether your mobile is VoLTE supported or not and is it compatible with each jio offer.

Then you can check this article we’ve listed over 1000 mobiles that are compatible with Reliance jio Offers.

You can call 1977 from your Jio SIM for finishing the tele-verification procedure.

You must keep your record details like Voter ID or Adhaar card since this will speed up the verification process.

So your Mobile is LTE and it doesn’t have VoLTE support that usually means you won’t receive unlimited voice calls, but still, you may convert LTE to VoLTE to obtained boundless HD voice calls onto your jio sim.

Reliance Jio Customer Care Number:


There are two jio tele confirmation number are available but don’t get confused. They both are meant for two distinct functions. Here are the details, so on the jio tele verification Procedure.

If you want to enable data and voice then call jio tele verification No. 1977 from your SIM to initiate the process.

In case you want just data services then you may telephone jio tele verification number 1800-890-1977 from your registered phone number.

How to Activate Jio Sim in 15 Mins (Available in Delhi, Bangalore & Mumbai):


At these facilities, you need to showcase the Aadhaar Card and you need to submit your biometrics like a fingerprint of your thumb and in certain cases retina scan. It needs to be matched with the database that’s submitted at UIDIA, which handles everything regarding Aadhaar Card.

This process begins from 5th of September just, and this will not require over 15 minutes. Therefore, if you are in Delhi or Mumbai walk into local stores and activate the sim in under 20 mins.

This process is now available just in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai.
This e-kyc activation method won’t take over 15 mins, stated Ambani within an announcement.

  • This e-kyc activation procedure made due to enormous Jio demand in major cities.
  • This e-kyc activation process uses Aadhaar card to verify your details.
  • You need to submit aadhar amount at jio store to activate jio sim.
  • They’ll scan your fingerprint that this ought to match the Aadhaar card Fingerprint.
  • This happens electronically no manual work required, in some cases, they might take retina scan because of confirmation.

There are the sole methods on how to activate jio sim in any mobile. In the process, if you are facing any issue simply jump in the comments I will surely help you out.

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