Google Search Will Now Provide Accurate Information on Diseases!

World’s Biggest Google Search Will Now Provide Accurate Information on Diseases! the Company Has Partnered with Qualified Doctors for This Initiative.

By Tech Hunt

Google Search Will Now Provide Accurate Information on Diseases!


Tech giant and the world’s biggest search engine company Google have tagged with qualified doctors. These doctors will discover about any disease through their signs and provide such information.

This news has been given by Ben Gomes, Senior Vice President of Google Search and Assistance. While talking to the students of St Joseph School, Bengaluru, Ben Gomes said this in reply to a student’s question.

Gomes said that the faulty information with diagnoses of diseases on search engines will be corrected.

Now Provide Accurate Information on Diseases


Asking questions from Gomes, the student told that it may also happen that people may have to face adverse impacts due to the incorrect information about diagnosing diseases on search engines.

In response to this issue, Gomes said that we have done plenty of work on this. We have partnered with many doctors so that the signs of any disease can give specific information about that disease.

He also said that the doctors will help the incorrect information given on the search engine and register high-quality knowledge.

For this, we have partnered with the doctors of health care organization Mayo Clinic.

In this way, people will be able to get the correct information only after seeking the symptoms of any disease.

Gomes told the students of St Joseph School that we are doing a lot of work to get the right knowledge to the people.

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