Gmail Working on Dark Mode for Andriod: Report

Gmail Working on Dark Mode for Andriod: Report By Tech Giant Google. The new feature is recently available in the Settings menu only.

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Gmail Working on Dark Mode for Andriod: Report


Not long ago Google was busy rolling out the all-white Material Theme to its products, and it is on a spree of introducing native Dark Mode to all its apps and solutions.

After rolling out a dark UI into Google app, Documents by Google, Google Drive and Google Maintain, the technology giant is working to present this feature in Gmail for Android.

According to a report by Android Police, Dark Mode for Gmail is currently under development and it’s only available from the Preferences menu.

The report does not give any timeline of when a stable version of the mode will roll out into the users. Android Police has also posted some screenshots of Dark Mode from the Preferences menu on Gmail to get Android v2019.06.09.

The Dark Mode does not possess a toggle and is irregular in character.

Gmail Working on Dark Mode


This past year in Android Dev Summit 2018, Google revealed some intriguing data comparing the battery consumption between dark mode and normal mode.

It said that using dark theme saves power on AMOLED displays. Since that time, there have been several reports that asserted that Android Q would have a system-wide Dark Mode.

When Google introduced the beta version of Android Q, developers were able to find bits mentioning the inclusion of the feature in another iteration of the Android OS. According to a Googler, dark mode is an “accepted Android Q feature.”

Dark Mode for Android


Once it comes to Gmail for Android, Google has been streamlining the app in accordance with the internet application. Google rolled out Gmail’s Smart Compose feature to all Android-powered devices.

The attribute was formerly exclusive to the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL smartphones. It had been demoed at the past year’s Google I/O yearly event.

The move was seen as the company’s mission to combine operations and concentrate on new solutions” to deliver increased efficiency and assistance from the program”.

Google is apparently shutting down rarely used jobs that failed to take off as expected.

With the passing of Inbox by Gmail, Google was stated to focus on the progression of the Gmail program on several different platforms.

The Benefit of Dark Mode:


  • Can reduce power usage by a significant time (depending on the device’s screen technology).
  • Improves visibility for phone users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light.
  • Makes it easier for anyone to use a device in a low-light condition. (As Say: Android Developers)

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