Galaxy Z Flip vs. Motorola Razr drop test: We broke both on the first try

Thanks to the brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Motorola Razr and their foldable screens, flip telephones are making a comeback. And whereas modern-day flip telephones are fancier and have tons extra options than their old-school flip phone predecessors just like the original Razr, they are not as sturdy or as low-cost: it is $1,499 for the Razr and $1,380 for the Z Flip. The Z Flip is all glass on the surface and has an all-glass display screen, whereas the Razr is manufactured from a mixture of glass, plastic and stainless-steel. Part of the allure of these flip telephones of yore was that they had been virtually indestructible — these devices could possibly be dropped, overwhelmed and tossed and nonetheless handle to outlive. 

To learn how a lot this new class of clamshell telephones can deal with, and which one’s hardest, we subjected the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr to a sequence of three real-world drops.

This is in no way meant as a scientific check, and outcomes might fluctuate relying on the drop and on the floor the telephones land on. It’s additionally price noting that the Z Flip comes with a transparent case within the field, however for the needs of our check we determined to drop each telephones and not using a case. 

Drop 1: From about Three toes, entrance aspect down (closed) 

Otherwise generally known as “pocket height,” it is a frequent top for a lot of a break. In this case we dropped each telephones with the entrance going through down, onto the tough sidewalk exterior our CNET places of work in San Francisco.

Motorola Razr: Cracked

The Razr landed entrance first as supposed and sustained a hairline fracture throughout the glass. Though it did break on the primary drop, neither the digital camera nor the contact panel on the entrance had been broken, and the whole lot was nonetheless in working order. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Shattered

The Flip suffered an analogous destiny, however the break was much more seen. While the bottom and the digital camera remained intact, the entrance of the phone had seen spiderwebs stemming from the underside and aspect of the phone, with free shards coming off throughout our inspection.

The Galaxy Z Flip cracked after drop 1 from hip top. 

Charles Wagner/CNET

Both telephones opened and closed as normal, and the screens inside had been intact.

Drop 2: From about 5 toes, display screen aspect down (open) 

For the following check, we opened each telephones and dropped them going through down, which is strictly how they landed. 

Motorola Razr: Screen survived, body broke

Though the display screen on the Razr nonetheless regarded pristine and labored effectively, the highest of the body, which homes the earpiece, was shattered, and some free particles ended up on our fingertips. 


The prime a part of the the Motorola Razr’s body, which homes the earpiece, shattered on the second drop. 

Charles Wagner/CNET

Galaxy Z Flip: Screen survived with a number of minor scuffs on the body

There had been a number of dents and scuffs alongside the body of the display screen, the place the phone first hit the bottom, however the display screen did not look any completely different than it did once we first took it out of the field. 

Drop 3: The flip-open fall from about 5 toes

For this check, we enacted what would occur for those who carelessly flipped open your phone and misplaced management of it. Because this wasn’t an easy drop, there was no solution to management which aspect the telephones landed on. 

Motorola Razr: Original harm obtained worse however phone nonetheless works!

Both telephones landed screen-side down. The Razr had a number of extra cracks on the entrance, however the touchscreen nonetheless labored effectively, and the display screen inside was nonetheless in working order. We did discover that the steel grille that covers the underside of the phone had began to come back free, however the worst half was nonetheless the shattered body inside, which made the earpiece onerous to make use of. 


Vanessa Hand Orellana/CNET

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: More cracks however gadget will get a passing grade

The harm on the entrance obtained worse, and spiderwebs appeared on the underside half of the outer shell. But the display screen regarded nice, and the machine nonetheless opened and closed accurately. 

The verdict

Considering we went into this check considering every phone would break up on the hinges, we would say they each did higher than anticipated. They might have cracked on the primary drop, however their screens did not, and that is greater than we are able to say for the screens of some of the other phones we have dropped through the years.

That stated, they are not even near being as sturdy as the unique flip telephones, so we advise you to undoubtedly take Samsung up on its supply and put the free case in your brand-new, costly foldable phone.

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