Chinese social media users insult India, show aggression

BENGALURU: Chinese social media customers, whether or not residents or officers, are getting increasingly more aggressive about India because the LAC stand-off continues — and a number of the content material is borderline ugly and far of it dismissive or insulting about India.

On June 17, a China-based Twitter account — @frankwhuwhu — tweeted out, “India is a perverted country”. On the Chinese twitter clone, Sina Weibo, a person referred to as “Gonan” posted a video displaying some Indians throwing a, presumably Chinese model, tv set from their balcony. The tagline merely learn: “It’s so unfair I can’t find Made in India products around me. I am not happy…Same as the whole world.”

Several Chinese customers on Weibo have been extra aggressive. One person posted a screenshot of a We-Chat dialog: “HOTPOT 1, CURRY 0”. Another person “Sea review 2020” posted a video that mentioned a “three-line attack” on India — from Pakistan, China and Nepal.

A deal with on Weibo referred to as “Liu Dong’s Requiem” mentioned, in generally fractured English: “From historical instances, the Chinese have by no means been afraid of taking part in…If a lot of Indian troops are already mobilized, the Indian groups-…could not essentially have logistics help, contemplating Hindustan Airlines (sic, the person meant HAL) is nicknamed “widowmaker” and several other others. The well-known Indian defence firm, we are going to wait to see the joke.”

While the content material on Weibo is basically for home consumption, Chinese diplomats say their piece on Twitter. Sometimes they provide aggressive commentary on points regarding different nations, in addition to amplifying official Chinese propaganda by way of The Global Times, CGTN, and China Daily.

Hua Chunying and Zhao Lijian, each from China’s international ministry, have, for instance, aggressively tweeted in opposition to the US throughout US-China face offs. Zhao, by the way, was deputy chief of mission within the Chinese embassy in Islamabad. So far Hua and Zhao have caught to official statements on the LAC stand-off.

But Zhang Heqing, the diplomat who changed Zhao in Islamabad, retweeted a Global Times story headlined “India’s four types of anti-China groups imperil bilateral ties”.

Heqing additionally amplified a tweet by Global Times editor Hu Jixin, who mentioned, “Indian society needs to rid two misjudgements: 1. It underestimates China’s will to prevent Indian troops from crossing LAC. 2. It thinks India has military capacity to beat China in a border war. Correct understanding of each other is basis for China-India friendly coexistence”.

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