Airtel Speed Test In-Depth Review

Airtel Speed Test Review: Why is Airtel so slow? How can I speed up my Airtel network? Is Airtel the fastest network? What is the maximum speed of Airtel 4g?

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Airtel Speed Test Review:


It is Airtel Vs Jio Vs Vodafone once again and Airtel has managed to overthrow its rivals this time.

At a TRAI’S 4G download rate test held in 10 cities across India, Airtel has scored better points compared to Jio, Vodafone and Idea to become the 4G download speed supplier in India.

According to a report by Ultra News, the speed test shows Airtel using an average download speed of 9.64 Mbps, Jio’s 4G download rate of 6.57 Mbps, Idea Cellular with an average download rate of 7.41 Mbps and Vodafone an average speed of 10.5 Mbps.

The report notes that Airtel’s average download speed is all but 44 per cent quicker than Jio’s.

The rates recorded in this impartial 4G drive evaluation are lower compared to the results exhibited by speed testing programs.

Jio reveals 20.3 Mbps because its average download speed in MySpeed app while Airtel recordings at 8.9 and Thought of 8.2 Mbps. Airtel recorded a download speed of 9.3Mbps and While Idea recorded 8.1Mbps.

In a typical also, Jio managed to lead the pack with a speed of 19.6Mbps. The most recent TRAI report shows a sharp contrast from the previous report.


  • Airtel Speed Test Review:
  1. Why is Airtel so slow?
  2. How can I speed up my Airtel network?
  3. Is Airtel the fastest network?
  4. What is the maximum speed of Airtel 4g?

Why is Airtel so slow?


In recent months, India’s 4G network base is growing exponentially following the renaissance of Jio 4G and Airtel 4G in India.

On the other hand, the online speed still lags and not competitive enough with the proposed rates.

When we analyze geographically, the method by which in which the 4G penetration has occurred in India is not only more significant. But also penetrated quicker and thanks to complimentary Jio 4G which has raised the bars beyond expectations.

But the question that appears always would be, Do the 4G rate in India is Fast?

What might be the reason 4G in India remains slow when compared to other nations like South Korea or Singapore and even Pakistan?

When we examined the data, it is understood that the ordinary speed of 4G which the Indian population is now getting is 5.1Mbps which is nowhere in comparison with the entire 4G speed in other countries.

So we thought of explaining some of the common reasons that are liable for slow 4G rate and tips and secrets to improve your 4G speed.

Speed Test Report By Trai
Speed Test Report By Trai

How can I speed up my Airtel network?

Well here are the number of methods on the best way best to boost airtel internet speed. In this article, you’ll find the solutions for how to boost airtel 2g internet speed, the way to increase airtel 3g net speed, how to increase airtel 4g internet speed and how to boost airtel modem dongle net speed.

Just choose your airtel sim and adhere to that method. These all tricks are 100% working but before giving you each method let me mention one simple way where you can boost airtel internet speed on almost any device. Just follow these simple steps and boost airtel internet speed on virtually all devices.

How to increase airtel net speed:

Allow me to remind you again, this method works on almost all devices. If not you can still try different procedures to increase airtel net speed according to your sim modem or choice. If the next method does not work just try the remaining methods.

Steps to increase airtel net speed:

  • Always choose a 3G or 4G option even when you are using 2G data.
  • Use an updated Chrome or Firefox browser to increase airtel net speed.
  • Do not sync your device while running on Airtel Mobile Data.
Speed test Report by Open Signal
Speed test Report by(© Opensignal Inc.)

Is Airtel the fastest network?

It varies. Some places have better coverage than another area. Concerning availability, Airtel is the 2nd largest 4G cellular network operator in India.

Jio is your number one operator in terms of 4G availability. But it does not mean that Jio is quicker than Airtel. In my region, Airtel has greater coverage & better network rate than Jio.

So, Jio, Airtel & Vodafone Idea which is quicker? It is dependent upon how a lot of people actively using the internet, network loading and a lot more things.

Ultimately, I will say check that’s the best operator in your area. In my area, there are 2 kings Vodafone Idea Limited & Airtel. You can’t get the internet on Jio in my region.

Perhaps Airtel has greater speed than Jio. Since they’re investing too much money on their network to enhance users experience.

Speed Test Report by speed testdotnet
Speed Test Report by speed test(dot)net

What is the maximum speed of Airtel 4g?

Bharti Airtel’s network was the fastest concerning 4G download rate whilst Idea Cellular was on top concerning upload rate during June-August, research by cellular analytics company Open Signal claimed.

Reliance Jio was top in community policy in most 22 telecom circles and latency experience throughout the period of time, the study emphasized. “Airtel came in our evaluation of download rate experience with a score alongside a third faster than its rivals”.

OpenSignal claims to have done analysis using over 10 billion dimensions covering 1.7 million unique devices.

“This newest report is still another reaffirmation of Airtel’s obsession with network excellence. Our focus continues to building the fastest and the best system that permits a high-quality digital experience for discerning clients who favour system quality over discounts and deals,” Bharti Airtel Chief Technology Officer Randeep Sekhon told PTI.

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