Airtel Set Top Box Price, Review & Features

Airtel launched a new set-top box for its Digital TV DTH service back in April 2017. In this article, We covered Airtel Set Top Box Price, Reviews & Features etc.

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Airtel Set Top Box Price, Review & Features


Airtel launched a brand new set-top box for its Digital TV DTH service back in April 2017. The Airtel Internet TV is powered by Android TV and comes with Netflix and YouTube pre-installed, using thousands of other programs thanks to its Android TV ecosystem.

What is more, the box includes a Chromecast built in, eliminating the need for purchasing another dongle to your TV. We tested it for a couple of weeks to learn if this integrated solution is a good fit for your smart TV needs.



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Airtel Set Top Box Reviews


The Airtel Internet TV set-top box is clearly wider than Airtel’s’regular’ boxes, and just a little bit shorter in height. The front has LED indicators because you’d expect, but it is devoid of any buttons, apart from the power button, so you don’t have anything to fall back upon in the event of a remote-related emergency.

The smart card sticks out of the right-hand side of this device rather than the back as is usually the case, which might disturb a few men and women.


The remote that you get together with the Airtel Internet TV set-top box is pretty standard if you’ve used Airtel Digital TV before. Pressing the red Airtel button brings up the main navigation menu, which is also what you see if the device first boots up.

Home, as its name suggests, is pre-selected by default and it shows you a listing of Recent Stations and a choice of films and TV Shows that are on air right now – the latter is especially handy for when you feel like seeing something but don’t know where to start.

Set-Top Box Features


Why certain content has been highlighted over other isn’t just clear, and the selections certainly don’t appear to be customised based on your screening background – we would rather not have another firm spying on our viewing habits in the name of customising the experience, so we don’t have any complaints about this.

Scrolling down further on the Home display you visit Top-Rated TV Shows, Top Movies, Top Sports, and Trending, all which seem more random than the other.


TV Guide is only a grouping of broadcast TV stations by genre, with Netflix and a shortlist of your favourites thrown in for good measure. Airtel Movies and Games offer you content and games from Airtel’s subscriptions solutions, not connected in any way to broadcast tv, Netflix, or matches from Google Play shop.

My Profile lets you add several users and customise your list of favourite channels, which does not sound very helpful given how many taps it takes to switch from one user to another.

This menu also keeps your Recorded displays, Scheduled recordings, Reminders for shows you want to observe, though they are stored at the system level, and not customised for every user.

Airtel Set-Top Box Price List

Airtel HD+ With Annual Value Max 40HD, 8 GB

4890 From 1 Store
  • Brand TANOTIS

Airtel SD With 2 Months South Value

1758 From 1 Store
  • Brand Airtel

Airtel HD+ With Annual Value Max 21HD, 8 GB

5190 From 1 Store
  • Brand TANOTIS

Airtel HD+ With Mega 33HD, 8 GB Pendrive

1840 From 1 Store
  • Brand Airtel

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