What Is Airtel Open Network?

What Is Airtel Open Network?


What Is Airtel Open Network? How to Check Airtel Open Network? How to Connect Airtel Open Network? How to Join the Airtel Open Network?

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What Is Airtel Open Network?

Airtel today (15, June 2016) announced the launch of Open Network Initiative beneath their flagship”Project Leap” program wherein the organization has vowed to allow it to be entire mobile network data available to all its clients.

Airtel has established a separate section on its mobile app MyAirtel and a dynamic site for enabling users to check the policy strength and data potency. Both are functional starting today.

Anyone can check their coverage signal strength and report network issues to the corporation. Supplying real-time particulars of this network range fluctuations, the operating towers, information consumption info etc.

India’s biggest telecommunications provider steps up to boost customer satisfaction. Also, Airtel relationship centres will provide more information on this unique initiative.

Under the Project Leap, Airtel has put up advanced technology to smoothen fibre difficulties, strengthen present gear and make way for new technology that will help in providing greater protection to conquer its old standard.

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  • What Is Airtel Open Network?
  • How to Check Airtel Open Network?
  • How to Connect Airtel Open Network?
  • How to Join the Airtel Open Network?

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Open Network is a paradigm shift in how we engage with our customers. With this initiative, we are setting complete transparency with regards to our cellular network and opening ourselves to customer scrutiny and feedback.

For all of us, the network experience is overriding and Airtel customers can now take charge of network difficulties and be a part of the solution, rather than waiting for it to occur”, said Gopal Vittal, MD & CEO of Bharti Airtel.

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What Is Airtel Open Network?
Airtel Open Network

 How to Check/Connect Airtel Open Network?

You can use Airtel’s Job Leap to assess if Airtel’s high-speed information services can be found in your locality or in case Airtel is intending to present the same in the forthcoming months.

It is a simple and easy 3-step process:

  • Open Airtel Project Leap website.
  • Zoom to the map to find your area or use the search button.
  • Assess what services are available in your area:
  1. Purple highlights the availability of basic voice and 2G data services
  2. Yellow indicates the availability of high-speed data providers (3G /4G)
  3. Red Towers indicate the sites available in a particular area

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How to Join the Airtel Open Network?

Airtel received feedback and suggestions from tens of thousands of consumers across multiple Open Network touch points – Open Network portalsite, my airtel app, Airtel Call Center and Airtel Stores.

Dependent on the feedback, Airtel engaged with these customers to improve and optimize the network to their surrounding regions. Thousands of prospects for the setup of new network sites were generated.

Till date, over 9000 sites have been updated at various locations and more than 30,000 existing sites have been optimized by Airtel’s network team to solve the network related issues. The task of setting up new towers can be underway.

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